"I came to Dr. Ann for carpal tunnel problems. She helped me with that, and then so much more! I play a lot of tennis, so when I'm having problems, I see Dr. Ann first." A.S. Vero Beach

"Thanks, Doc, you've made us feel comfortable from the start; my whole family's grateful for the care you've provided for us over the years." P.F. Vero Beach

"Dr. Ann treated me for shoulder pain. She got me in immediately, after a few visits, my pain was down by 98%. I wish I lived in Vero year round so I could have continued my treatment. She is caring and very kind." MJH Snowbird

 "I had constant severe pain in my right pelvis since the c-section birth of my second child. I saw other doctors, had physical therapy, massage & uterine ablation (none of these therapies helped) before seeing Dr. Ann. I'd been in pain constantly, for over two years. I wasn't sure about trying acupuncture, until I was facing a possible removal of my ovaries or a complete hysterectomy. During my first visit for acupuncture, my pain was reduced to zero! Over the next week, my pain was occasional, never as severe as the constant pain before trying acupuncture. Within a few sessions, I had my life restored. I'm so grateful!" M.G. Sebastian

"Dr. Ann eliminated the pain in my neck from my pinched nerve. I am so grateful." C.M. Vero Beach

Client's have said:

"Since using your services, I feel better at now at 65 than I did at 35! Thank you so much!" E.J. Melbourne

"Dr. Ann's a caring and knowledgeable health care professional. She does relevant research and shares it, making it easier for me to make choices. I did a simple blood test, and now my digestion has improved enormously. I feel slim, trim, and have much more energy to pursue my passions." B.B. Vero Beach

"Hi Ann! Thought I'd drop you a line to let you know I'm still doing well with my life-style eating. I've dropped a lot of weight I needed to drop. It's almost 2 years since I started the program to eliminate the foods my blood showed I was reactive to. As of this morning's weigh-in at the doctor's, I've only gained back two pounds. They say I am stable. Though, I don't strictly adhere to the program, I mostly leave out the "sensitive foods." I'm so happy with my results. Thanks again for helping me change my life. Many hugs!" L.S. Vero Beach

"I was almost 2 weeks overdue & scheduled for inducement on Tuesday after Mother's Day...  Desperate, actually, to avoid the inducement, I saw Dr. Ann 1st on Thursday & 2nd on Friday before Mother's Day for acupuncture, and I delivered a healthy baby girl early in the morning on Mother's Day! Dr. Ann was great!" K.W. Vero Beach

"Dr. Ann treated me for back & shoulder problems. My pain was reduced immediately. I was totally healed in a very short period of time! I was treated professionally & courteously at every visit. I recommend her to everyone I know who may benefit from acupuncture treatments." D.F. Fort Pierce

"You're a miracle worker! I was in so much pain when I walked in + in zero pain when I left!" G.G. Orchid Island

"I was suffering extreme fatigue and weakness, with pain all over my body. I hurt everywhere. I was treated (NAET) for allergy to calcium, vitamin B, B5, sugar, minerals, animal fat, cheese and 2-3 times for emotions, discretely, I did not have to talk about it. I was raped at an early age, and my body had retained the pain and fear memory. Although I had years of traditional therapy, my final true healing was due to Dr. Ann's healing nature & the NAET program. I am calm, no longer have nightmares, no pain, and great energy. I can never repay Dr. Ann." K.T. Vero Beach

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Ann Belinkoff, Acupuncture Physician