Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): is the oldest continually practiced health care system on the planet.  It's still going strong at over 3,000 years old, because it delivers results for many conditions.

Acubeach: we offer Acupuncture, Nutrition & Movement therapy.

Acupuncture: If, after a complimentary consultation, we agree to work together, we use many non-needle touch modalities*, traditional needles which are pre-sterilized, very thin & solid - no bigger around than a human hair, or objective lab tests to reveal discomfort caused by environmental triggers, barrier breaches, or immune system dysfunctions.

Nutrition: TCM categorizes foods as neutral, warming (yang), or cooling (yin). TCM trained acupuncturists may suggest strategies to restore balance in the body. For example: a raw food diet is cold & damp which may be a good choice in a hot, dry climate; but in a cold, or damp, climate it may cause fluid retention, or slow metabolism, or a sensitivity to cold.

Movement: improves circulation, sleep, digestion, and confidence. This doctor has extensive training in how the body moves, and may suggest gentle, yet effective ways to reduce pain and restore range of motion.

Acubeach AnnBelinkoffDOM Vero Beach Acupuncturist chart

Ann Belinkoff, Acupuncture Physician

@ AcuBeach in Vero

in a nutshell

* acupressure, ear seeds,  toyohari, magnets, low light laser, micro-current e-stim, cupping, tuina, gwa sha, shiatsu massage, moxa, kids' shoni-shin, EFT tapping & NET neuro emotions techniques.