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  1. Oriental Medicine: To strengthen weak organs, open congested channels, soften tightness, calm agitation, cool heat, warm cold, moisten dryness or drain dampness we may use acupuncture, diet, and exercise; alone, or in combination.  Sessions may be scheduled as often as 3x week to start (especially if you're in extreme discomfort) or 1x week until you're comfortable &  your treatment is holding.
  2. OM Diagnosis / Consultation: After you've described your reason for coming in; we feel your pulses + quickly assess 18 locations on both wrists, then we note the colors & form of your face, tongue & body. These findings may trigger brief questions on your lifestyle habits, physical & emotional environments, or family health history, if known. We diagnose your case, share our findings with you, and outline your best treatment plan as we see it. This usually takes about 20 minutes.

3. Acupuncture Therapy: Once we agree to move forward, acu-points are stimulated to restore the normal balance & flow of Qi so your body may repair itself. We use a variety of methods: very light pressure, or toyohari, thin sterilized needles, seeds, magnets, low light laser, microcurrent, light, color, oils, cupping, tuina, gwa sha, massage & moxa. Additional "non-needle" methods include: kids' shoni-shin style, EFT Tapping & NET Neuro Emotional Technique.  Note: acu - needles are very thin & flexible, no bigger around than a human hair; many people don't even feel them. People with "needle fear" often say "I didn't even feel it."

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Acupuncture Therapy Sessions

A brief overview...

4. Diet: The closer a food is to its natural state, the more life force it has to give you. Foods have heat/yang or cool/yin qualities. For example: a raw food diet is cold & damp; and it may be good in a hot, dry climate. In a cold or damp climate, it may cause fluid retention, slow metabolism, or show as a sensitivity to cold. Acupuncturists are trained to suggest certain foods to help restore balance in the body.

5. Testing: Objective lab tests may help pinpoint a problem. As an option, we may want to get walk-in bloodwork, or consult with Immunolabs, Cyrex Labs, or Genova Diagnostics. Some challenges may be caused by environmental triggers, barrier breaches, or immune system dysfunctions. 

6. Exercise: Exercise helps bodies get stronger. Strength improves muscles, sleep, digestion, self confidence, and may help lessen depression. Too much exercise may create a deficient pattern; & too little may lead to excess pattern.